Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoe

The Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoe is the perfect shoe for any runner looking to go on a long distance run. The shoes are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for running in hot weather. They also come with extra cushioning to help protect your feet from soreness or injury while running. With the benefits of these shoes, you’ll be able to run farther than ever before!

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Are you looking for a new pair of running shoes?

The Nike Revolution 5 men’s running shoes are the perfect choice for runners who want lightweight cushioning and breathable support. They have a minimalistic design that fits in just about anywhere your day takes you. 

Ready to take on any run, these men’s Nike shoes have a knit textile that keeps you cool and an aggressive design. They provide minimalistic cushioning for a comfortable start and soft foam to make your running smooth – all at a lightweight setup! Also, if you are looking for a comfortable running shoe that offers the ultimate in impact control and breathability, this is it!

Key Features of Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoe:

  • Minimalistic design
  • A Textured outer wall reduces the weight of the shoe.
  • Soft foam midsole
  • Built for revolutionary comfort and responsiveness
  • Spacing in the tread lets your foot flex naturally
  • Weighs 12.2 oz.
  • Made with rubber outsoles, offering durable traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh upper with an adjustable strap for snugness
  • The wide version provides extra space in the forefoot
  • Rubber outsole pods provide excellent traction

The Nike Men’s Revolution 5 is available in both regular and wide widths and comes in various color combinations. Their breathable design will keep your feet cool, while their lightweight cushioning provides stability and supportive comfort during your workout!


Fit for all-day or short-distance running, these Nike shoes are incredibly lightweight with breathable textile to keep your feet fresh all day. 

One of many shoes in the REVOLUTION collection, these men’s running shoes cushion the stride and offer confident comfort.

Nike’s Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoes are shoes you can wear all day, no matter the distance. Featuring a slim profile with breathable textile wraps your foot in comfort and arch support, these lightweight running shoes will have you feeling ready to go.

You can use these as everyday wear because they’re comfortable, durable, and supportive. You’ll love how lightweight they feel on your feet! 

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